Resun Project

Vietnam PV Power Plant

Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Capacity: 1.5MW

Egypt 5.6 MW project

Egypt PV Power Plant

Location: Cairo, Egypt
Capacity: 5.6MW

Installation of 2MW system

Brazil Ground Power Plant

Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Capacity: 2MW

The roof solar system 2.5MW in Yunnan, China

Yunan Rooftop PV Power Plant

Location: Yunnan, China
Capacity: 2.5MW

Installation of 2MW solar system in Amezmiz,Morocco

Morocco On-Grid PV Plant

Location: Amezmiz, Morocco
Capacity: 500kW

6MW solar project in Jordan

Jordan Desert Power Plant

Location: Aqabah, Jordan
Capacity: 6MW

3.5 MW On Grid PV system installed in Lao's

Argentina On-Grid PV System

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Capacity: 3.5MW

Installation of 2MW system in Hoceima,Morocco

Lao’s Grid-Tie PV Power Plant

Location: Muang Xay, Lao’s
Capacity: 2MW