Restar Solar was interviewed by Xinhua News Agency at the Middle East Clean Energy Exhibition

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The Middle East Clean Energy Exhibition was successfully held in Beirut, Lebanon from May 3rd to 6th, 2023. Exhibitors from many countries and regions around the world, many well-known brands appeared, displaying cutting-edge products, technologies and innovative solutions.

As an exhibitor, Restart Solar showcased the latest photovoltaic module products and was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Xinhua News Agency.. Xinhua News Agency has established a news and information collection network covering the world, and formed a multi-lingual, multi-media, multi-channel, multi-tiered and multi-functional news release system. It is China’s national news agency and a worldwide news agency. This interview introduced the related products of Restar Solar and said that the exhibition has gained a lot, hoping that more products can be introduced to the world.

Restar’s main products include: RS series monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon solar panels 3W-670W, with an annual production capacity of 2GW, Roof master series solar energy storage system 3KW-12KW,RTPI series solar water pump system 0.7-110KW,RSHS series solar household systems,RSPS portable solar camping lights, etc.Features: one-stop solution, high-quality, long service life, easy to install, maintenance free, and low operating costs. Product certification: Internationally recognized authoritative certifications such as ISO9001, TUV, IEC61215, IEC61730, CE, and UL.

While many countries in the United States, Europe and East Asia are leading the world in renewable energy generation amid an international decarbonization boom, several countries in Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East are increasingly demanding it.

APRICORP’s latest report shows that the low carbon energy industry in the Middle East and North Africa is accelerating project activity to reach $257 billion by 2030, Zawya reports. These industries include renewable energy (solar PV, wind, hydro), hydrogen, nuclear and waste power. In terms of planned and committed project investment, solar PV accounted for 50 percent of the project value, followed by hydrogen at 21 percent, nuclear at 14 percent, wind at 10 percent, and hydro and waste-to-power projects together at 5 percent.

Restar Solar is confident about the future of the Middle East market and is ready to embrace greater opportunities and challenges.