RESUNSOLAR Intersolar Europe 2022 came to a successful conclusion

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Thank you very much for your long-term support to our company. On the occasion of the arrival of the 27th Munich International Solar Exhibition, we sincerely invite you to visit and look forward to your arrival!

Information of this Exhibition

Pavilion Name: Messe Munchen
Messegelande 81823 Munich,Germany
Booth number: A1.510

Intersolar Europe in Munich, Germany, is the largest and most influential professional solar energy exhibition and fair in the world so far, gathering all the international well-known enterprises in the industry. Intersolar has a 27-year history of international exhibitions and conferences in the world’s most influential markets.

Intersolar is the most international solar industry platform, spanning four continents, Currently, Intersolar Europe (Munich), Intersolar USA (San Francisco), Intersolar India (Mumbai), Intersolar South Art exhibition (Sao Paulo) and Intersolar China (Beijing) form an international Intersolar industry network.

The exhibition has been successfully held for 27 sessions. 90% of the exhibitors believe that the quality of the audience of this exhibition is much higher than other similar exhibitions. It is the solar energy exhibition with the best participation effect, the most professional audience and the most complete industrial chain in the world, and is the first choice for exhibitors and visitors in the solar energy industry.

The fair offers a wide range of seminars and forums, innovation and application of new products and services, and intelligent renewable energy. High quality presentations will provide greater value to exhibitors and visitors and award leading technology awards in the solar industry.

Germany is the world’s leading solar power, and its support program for solar plus energy storage systems has been officially relaunched as expected by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. The plan, implemented through the National Development Bank KfW, provides storage capacity of about US $638 per kilowatt-hour, which is available only when installed storage is combined with pv. The subsidy also applies only to grid-connected electrochemical batteries, which reopen on March 1st. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Industry says it has a budget of €30m for the programme until the end of 2018. Various countries have paid great attention to the development and utilization of solar energy, which is highlighted in the photovoltaic plan launched by various governments. In the past three years, Germany’s production of solar-related products has increased fivefold, growing twice as fast as the average of other countries. According to eurostat, As of January 2017, China was Germany’s fifth largest export market and second largest source of imports.